The Best (and Worst) Halloween Candy for Your Teeth

The time of ghouls, ghosts and zombies is here, this Halloween instead of giving your trick-or-treaters cavities, give them something that is good for their smile. Parents should be aware of the candy in their children’s goody bag this year too, and sort out the good candy from the bad. Studies from dental insurance agencies are revealing that some candy can be much worse than others when coming in contact with teeth. The worst choice of candy for adults and children include hard candy, lollipops, caramels and gummies.

Dentists do not urge candy lovers to avoid dental procedures after Halloween if they keep away from the bad candy forever. Abstaining from heavy contact with sugary treats will help maintain healthy teeth. After a long night of trick-or-treating, parents and children should check their goody bags and only hang on to the candy that dissolves quickly in the mouth or sugar-free candy.

Time is of the Essence with Treats

Dentists everywhere would much rather pass out toothbrushes than candy, but they know everyone is human and enjoys something tasty on Halloween. Instead of passing out hard and chewy candy they hand out quick dissolving small chocolates and sugar-free gum. The reason for this is because the amount of time the candy stays in the mouth is very minimal which gives the sugar less time to interact with teeth.

Hard and Chewy Candy Catches Teeth in Sticky Situations

As parents we all know the trouble of taking kids to the dentist, but the treats we expose them to should not be taken seriously. Limiting the amount of time sugar comes in contact with teeth will not allow the candy to settle in and break down the strength of teeth. Poor candy choices include:

  • Caramels and gum

  • Lollipops

  • Gummy and chewy candy

  • Taffy

  • Mints

These treats may taste good, but they all play tricks as they take long to break down and swallow, this exposes teeth to sugar longer. The sticky candy should definitely be avoided as they get stuck to the surface of the teeth and bacteria in the mouth integrates to produce acid. Thus, the more acid generated and exposed to teeth is the bigger risk of developing cavities.

Fight the Dangers of Halloween Candy

According to Delta Dental, limiting the exposure of Halloween candy is one of the best alternatives there is to avoid cavities. It is not good for children to feast on candy as it will increase the amount of time sugar interacts with teeth. Sugar-free candy is the best solution to help fight against plaque and acid that eats away enamel. Healthy habits for teeth include:

  • Eat small portions of candy in one sitting

  • Avoid sticky and lengthy time consumption with candy

  • Follow up candy with water or tooth brushing

  • Children should eat a good meal before trick-or-treating to avoid eating all their candy

  • Instead of passing out bulky, sticky treats hand out sugar-free or miniature candy

Halloween should be a time for celebration and healthy oral care. Parents need to help their children make healthy choices and avoid sticky and hard candy. Limiting time of exposure to sugar will defend against the dangers of cavities and ruining dental work. Encourage your loved ones to make healthier choices in candy long after Halloween is over.

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